Futuristic Vintage

Hello guys hope you had a lovely weekend.  

I finally had time for an outfit blogpost after a quick break. I'm a big fan of futuristic style mixed with vintage so I decided to show you an easy way to rock it.

Forget about the gender difference, here everything is unisex. 

Androgynous Style is really kicking off this year and is really popular to mix male and female style.  

You can see it in the Makeup industry, fashion and Lifestyle. Mac Makeup have a full new range of unisex makeup now and a lot of fashion brands promoting the same unisex style at the moment.


Me, as always following my own sense of putting things together. I love skimpy shorts, besides the fact they are always a brave choice. These ones in particular are pure Linen and they are perfect for this summer. 


The Shirt is demin, 100% cotton and you can wear it in many different ways. Depends of the situation and the style you going for.


The two most important components in this outfit is the bag and the sunglasses. They make this outfit futuristic, effortless and modern. 

If you going for this look remember one rule play unsafe and use mirrored sunglasses, they always look modest and futuristic. 


The bag is inspired by the new designs of "Chloé"

and brings to life every outfit. It is really futuristic and definitely stands out. 


My day finished with an amazing picnic FRENCH STYLE in the closest park next home. 

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