How to be a "Triftshop Master"

Anyone who thinks thrift stores are full of junk may be surprised to hear of some of the valuable treasures uncovered by shoppers from among the billions of pounds of donations such charitable organizations receive to resell.  


Let me tell you something from my own experience. I build my blog on Second hand vintage clothes and there's nothing wrong with that. Seeing all this "famous bloggers" blogging the same thing over and over again is really annoying when you really want some daily  inspiration... Well not everyone can afford designer clothes and couture runway garments, but you can be original in your own way.  


Let me give you some tips how easily can find treasures  you need in a field of clothes! 

 First you have to have a clear idea what kind of garment you looking for. Go by colour, it's always the easiest way for me, then you can explore the material and the quality of the item you found. 

It's not easy and many times you may be disappointed but keep trying and don't give up.

I remember it took me the whole day running from  shop to shop until I found the perfect Jeans I was looking for.  


Yesterday I went to the local charity shop and I got this super rad Shirt. It's really unique and cost less than a "OREO" biscuits LOL...  

I always say to the people that the price of the item doesn't meters, it's all attitude and how you combine and style the clothes.


Also you have to know that sometimes the colours can look cheap and as well expensive depending how you put them together.  

All black everything and colour blocking always look expensive, advanced and fresh if you have no idea what to wear. 


Try my easy tips and see how it works for you. 

If you have and questions coment below, don't be shy. X x