Saying hello with this cool "Vintage Hype" outfit!

So before we start I have to say that this look is not really something inventive or on the top of this year fashion trends, but is timeless and you definitely can rock it anytime. 


This tipe of Jacket you can find in many Vintage shops and clothing websites and stores. Make sure if u ever consider of buying one, buy a real leather.

There is really no reason to regret if it's a bit more expensive, because it's always a good choice for evry outfit and literally so easy to wear.

Give u this cool, sassy vibe instantly... 


Grab a pair of old blue jeans and pleated belt and boots and your look is ready. You will need White t-shirt to complete this look. Easy right ?  


Shoes- russell and bromley

jeans-  Vintage 

t-shirt-  basics 

belt-  Levi's

jacket-  Zara