Well here is the new gig with this long belts.  

Long double D belt and oversized top it's the new thing at the moment. Blue oldscool jeans and Doc's it's my interpretation for this kind a look. 


Why this look is good for you ? 

Well we all know that the belt on the waist always make your legs longer and your waist smaller.  

From a fashionable point of view at the moment is really the new thing (for a month probably lol) , and I've seen many bloggers doing their own version of the look.  

Me, I always stick to my own style and here is my idea how to style this look no matter of your gender.  


The Long "GIRL GANG" belt is from "BERSHKA" 


The other one in red and green is " Tommy Hilfiger" Vintage.... Randomly found in my boyfriend closet.  


The bag is  Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons x Louis Vuitton


One more combo from last Saturday as  

you may already seen the update in my Instagram ! The Shirt is from "Reiss", but you can find this kind of shirts everywhere. 



Decided to add this Yellow Sunnies from  "Forever21" for more dramatic look.