Weekend in Amsterdam

Hello everyone, hope you are well. I also hope you had an amazing holiday full with joy and positive vibes.

I travelled to Amsterdam, because wanted to have a city break from the busy city of  London, and actually I fell in love with Amsterdam.

I was surprised how relaxing this big city was.


•The Charm of Amsterdam. 

I was super surprised how quiet Amsterdam is compared to London. No one was running for the tube or a meeting, and it felt like time stood still. Everyone was riding motor bikes or bicycles not bothered about the city traffic. People were also enjoying the architecture and the tasty pastries in every corner. The canals are a big charm of Amsterdam, they are literally everywhere around the city and they are 165 according to the map and with more than 2500 houseboats.    




The houses were built for wealthy bankers and merchants and acted as both houses and work spaces. The soil was so swampy that they had to be built on stilts and that caused them to wobble and sink into the river over time, so now they seem as if they are falling over or leaning on each other. 


There are in fact only 409 bridges connecting Venice’s canals while in Amsterdam there are 1281 bridges, three times as many as Venice! 


Because it is such a multicultural city, over 85% of Amsterdam’s residents can speak more than two languages – usually Dutch, English and sometimes even a third of which is often German.

Thinking about going on holiday to Amsterdam? If you can speak basic English you’ll have no problem communicating.

Amsterdam was the first capital city in the world to allow gay marriage which includes all rights and obligations for gay and lesbian couples.

The Netherlands actually opened the doors to same sex marriage in 2001 and within 10 years it saw 15,000 same-sex couples marry legally.


•The tulips  


Tulips have been synonymous with Holland – and Amsterdam in particular – since the Dutch Golden Age 400 years ago, when they were first imported from the Ottoman Empire. Today, growing tulips and other bulb flowers is a huge industry. Every spring, as the flower fields burst into rows of vivid colour, the tulips in Holland are a major tourist attraction. Peopular places to visit include the Keukenhof flower gardens and the FloraHolland flower auction in Aalsmeer, while Amsterdam even hosts its own Tulip Festival every spring. However, whereas those attractions are best experienced in March, April or May, the floating Flower Market in Amsterdam is a great spot to find tulips at any time of the year.





The Cheese Museum Amsterdam is just around the corner from Anne Frank House on the Northern side of the Prinsengracht. The museum’s friendly staff are trained in the art of cheese making and are happy to share their wisdom on the time-honored techniques behind the Dutch dairy industry. Each cheese guide is dressed in traditional Dutch clothing and will help you choose from their fine selection of products, cutting off chunks of cheese from huge wheels to provide a taster. There are some real delicacies inside the cheese museum, and its a top place to visit. 


Visiting this historic house, which now functions as a museum, is one of the absolutely essential experiences that you must undertake when visiting Amsterdam. The tragic life of Anne Frank is encapsulated within one building, and it is impossible not to be moved as you read and hear about the terrible suffering and persecution that Anne Frank as an individual, and the Jews of Europe as a whole, were subjected to during the Second World War. Lines outside can be extremely long due to the continued public interest in her story. 


•The Church  


If you wonder where to go for a drink I recommend Cafe Reality Bar. Really nice atmosphere, friendly hospitality and gay friendly.



Food is literally on every corner so you definitely not going to starve yourself. There are really cool vending machines where you put coins in and choose whatever you want to snack along the way. There is a multiple choice of food freshly made all throughout the day and night.


We stayed in Apollo museum Hotel which I highly recommend to everyone who likes their comfort. Its situated in the Museum district of Amsterdam and is very close to the city centre and provides easy access to all the places you want to visit. The rooms are clean and comfortable.