Hey today we gonna talk about "ROCK"!

Yesss... and before you jump and say what this guy in pink know about rock,

I want to share my opinion without to give you a headache.


We all know the classic rock look?

White t-shirt, leather jacket, black jeans and boots... bit boring and mainstream.
I decided to make different combos and combine colours to make different rock looks this week.

Look 1#

Let's call it PASTEL ROCK.

I have to admit that is a bit hip-hop-rock outfit but you get the vibes really well.

The combination of pastel pink backpack and salmon peach bomber jacket came up really good.

I used two t-shirts LONG CUT in white and beige wich really match the whole ensemble.

Just add nice light blue denim and nice "Chelsea boots" and your look is done.

Btw you can use white denim jeans and white converse sneakers, it's just matter of comfort.

Look 2#

Brown Tones

Hmmmm I'm super addicted to this look, 

because is really smart and still giving the vibe of "Rock".

You can use a simple white t-shirt and brown jeans, easy as that.

Find a nice belt and sunglasses "Ray-Ban" clubmaster and you are ready to kick it !

Look 3#

Denim Shirt


The good old denim shirt in the closet that always save us when we have nothing to wear.

The shirt we put sometimes under the classy blazer or we use for a casual day off...

Yes, we have many options to combine denim shirt and I didn't miss the opportunity
to include it in the outfit.

Basically is so simple, you need a shirt, gray skinny fit jeans, and brown boots.

Look 4#

Total Black

The most practical, useful, comfortable and stunning look you can get.

No matter how many times I experiment with colours
I always go back to black. 


It's very easy to match and fit every body shape and you never can get wrong.


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