Boy Crush

The smart and classy boy at school.

Always perfect in time with red apple in his hand.

With every step like role model and the charming smile.

The whole town boy crush.

And all the cars you saw him, and all the rumours that you know.

The wet dreams and the night sneak's of his window.

You will never really know.

Hello fellas! 

This look is inspired from the cool boys at school.

The one that make you shy like little kid.

From really long time I want to make this outfit but somehow I always pick up something dark.

I hope to like it.

So lets talk about clothe and accessories.

The  mirror blue sunglasses are old ''Ray Ban'' frame. 

Black, brown and blue.

Perfect for your classy look.

I recommend and the black ones.

The brown belt is ''stolen'' from my grandpa's closet, so no idea for the brand.

The black velvet bow tie is unknown brad as well, but is so perfect for your classy look.

The bracelets are super ordinary.

For that type look I recommend brown leather bracelet or hand watch.

Pic up some blue jeans, they always look amazing with shirt.

Comfortable and fit the best with brown belts.

It's almost funny if you forget the right shoes.

In my way I chose ''Cheap Monday'' gray leather shoes.

The amazing location is ''Sofia University''.

The photographer the same from the last two outfits Cveta Videva.


So i guess is time to say goodbye and wish you happy holidays.


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