21 questions with Sanjay


1• Introduce yourself to the crowd !


My name is Sanjay and I am an avid fashion enthusiast always looking to evolve my sense of style. I am currently working in an E-Commerce & CRM role for a premium French fashion brand with some PR & Marketing responsibilities. People often overlook the importance of fashion and what role it plays in our everyday life; even for those who feel that they are not part of this 'exclusive club' are still somehow included within their everyday life from the moment they wake up and dress themselves, to what they see on the streets.


2• How do you define your own personal style ?


My style evolves on a day-to-day basis so I can never put a single stamp on it. Never live in boxes! Its too constricting. Fashion is fluid and free. My style is my mood; how I wake up and feel. Sometimes I feel very inspired by Korean street style, sometimes I feel luxurious, other days its romantic-gothic and there are days when I want to feel totally preppy! Never limit your wardrobe and always buy interchangeable separates which you can play around with everyday.


3• What is more important: To have your Own Style or to follow the latest fashion trends ?


I sometimes feel quite anti-fashion in some ways. The word fashion itself sometimes feels cliche and restricted for me. The word itself reminds me of trends and following what is current or happening in fashion. But for me, I sometimes do quite the opposite. I'm more of a Lion rather than a sheep. I don't really want to follow any crowd, rules or trends. So, to answer your question, definitely having your own style is more important. Please will appreciate you more.


4• What clothes you wear "WHEN NOBODY IS WATCHING?"


Definitely sweats. I love the feeling of getting home and hanging up my biker jacket, taking off my skinny jeans and kicking off my Louboutin's just to get into my sweats and slippers. The feeling is so satisfying. 


5• Do you have a STYLE ICON(s) ?



I don't really have one particular style icon. I feel more inspired by what I see on the streets and my mood. But that doesn't mean to say that I don't like certain peoples style. The Olsen twins certainly know how to put themselves together and are always effortless. I think King Kylie works some great looks and she really makes them her own. Lastly, I really like the style of Olivier Rousteing. Although most of his wardrobe are the clothes he designs for Balmain, his style is minimal, clean and sexy.


6• Nutella or peanut butter ?


Always Nutella!


7• What do you hate doing, but you have to ?


Wearing new shoes. I absolutely hate it with a passion! I love buying new shoes, but when you have to 'break' them in, it can be so painful. I once purchased a pair of Balenciaga Derby boots and I remember wearing them for the first time. They looked so awesome and I got a lot of compliments. I was walking around London 'feeling myself' in my new kicks and after 30 minutes, I could feel my foot bleeding, blistering, cramping and burning. The pain was so unbearable. 


8• Name one "Guilty Pleasure" ?


Shopping is my guilty pleasure. I do it all the time! I work in the heart of Central London so fashion is always happening around me. Sometimes, I nip out of the office to grab lunch and then Zara just happens somehow. It can be very distracting. Just like the girl with the Green Scarf, when you got to have it; you just got to have it!


9• Which Store or Online Store you shop at the most ?


I like to shop in different places such as the great British high-street, sometimes luxury brands or even vintage. On the high-street, I love shopping with Zara, Topman's Design collection created for LCM, COS and H&M's Trend collection. For luxury, I really love Celine, Givenchy and Balenciaga; more so when Ghesquiere was Creative Director. I am partial to a department store like Harrods or Dover Street Market; if you don't know DSM, you have to check it out. Its one of the coolest concept stores I have ever seen! For vintage brands, I really love Beyond Retro and Reclaimed Vintage which can be shopped at ASOS. 


10• Question NO10: Name 10 things you Hate in our modern society ?


-Slow walkers (I mean; seriously!)

-People who chew with their mouth open

-Donald Trump

-Inflation ; London is so expensive!

-People with no manners. Please and thank you are free!

-People with no common sense 

-People who throw rubbish on the floor

-Yobs who play music loudly at the back of the bus

-The all-too-often price increase at Chanel

-Someone who always needs the last word. Grrr!




11• Coffee or Tea ?


Chai Tea Late; Does that count?


12• The most comfortable clothing for you is ?


Now that's an ambiguous question. If you mean physically comfortable, then definitely my sweats and UGG boots for days when I want to be incognito. But if your mean mentally comfortable, then I would say when I am totally dressed as me in my full glory.



13• Favourite midnight snack ?


Crisps. They are my obsession!


14• What do you do when there's nothing to do ?


I like to visit cool art spaces like the Saachi gallery or the V&A, go visit an area which I don't go to often like Shoreditch or Brick Lane and brunch catch-ups with friends is always a good idea!


15• What is your daily MUSIC PLAYLIST? 


It always includes some kind Queen Bey. I do like a bit of Drake or RiRi too. Other more underground niche artist I like are JP Cooper, James Blake and MIA. I think that music goes hand-in-hand with fashion and my choice of music can also change depending on my mood, and what i'm wearing.


16• Recommend us at least 2 unpopular artists worth seeing. 


I think I may have answered this in the previous question. JP Cooper and James Blake are very underrated; but their music is pure gold. If your into soul, then they are definitely worth checking out. My favorite track by JP Cooper is 'What went wrong' and by James Blake it would be 'Limit to your love'.






17• Favourite movie and Actor/Actress ? 


Iv'e seen a lot of great movies. One of my favorites definitely has to be one which was released very recently called 'Lion' starring Dev Patel and directed by Garth Davis. Its emotionally gripping, awe inspiring, has a strong moral value with a very precious story line based on a true story. Definitely worth a watch.


18• Favourite Designer of all time?


I think i'm going to skip this question. I could be here for a while thinking of the answer. Its near impossible to give you one answer because it changes every season. 


19• What inspires you the most ?










20• Give the best advice to OUR READERS how to build their own style and how to feel comfortable in it.


I think that the first step is knowing your own style. I try to buy pieces which are quite versatile so that I can re-work them in many different ways. Never take fashion too seriously; just have fun with it!


21• Say BYE to everyone with some nice QUOTE. 


"If you don't try, you will not succeed. If you don't ask, you will not know. If you don't struggle, you will never achieve."




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